LIVEBLOG: Opening Remarks

Yudof: This is what we’ve done about the incidents taht have happened:

-appointed dean edley to the issue at UCSD to see the incident reports – reporting back today.

-progress btwn leadership of Black Students Union and chancellor fox on their agreements “agree”

-Call on Alumni to raise scholarships for minority students to attend our university

-Address the student proposed hate speech code.

-Reviewing the process for campus that works on admission systems – reviewing comprehensive admission review

Speaker Perez:

-last time i was here, was 20 years ago, i was a student – protesting some of the issues that we’re talkign about now.

-Our terms are different, i’d like to address some of the challenges we’re faceing.  I have 4.5 years at the most.  This is an urgent moment for CA.

-“laser beam focus” on job creation – economy is part of that.  Budget reform is needed, governance reform is needed.


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