Liveblog: Public Comment Period

YAYY! So we’re going to start with public comment – we’ve doubled it to 40 minutes.  We apparently have 40 speakers, with a minute each.  The UC has also provided a livestream of the Regent meeting this time to respond to the amount of interest in the diversity issues discussed today, for people who can’t make it! Check it out, let us know what you think!

Los Angeles Urban League – we’ve been working on diversity for a long time – this is a moment that has come from a lot of issues.

African American Alumnus of UC Davis – these incidents has shown that this isn’t a safe place to come, and hurts recruitment – these incidents are consistent, and have happened every year (he was also a former law enforcement at UC)

BAMN – CoTF didnt’ talk at all about increasing minority students issue in our University.  Why?

UCLA Student – disappointment with yesterday’s meeting – couldn’t hear the substance of CoTF.  No more euphunisms, please be more direct.

More BAMN – Prop 209 lawsuit is being filed, asking prop. 209 be declared by the UC Regents as unconstitutional.

ACT UP – Talking about a researcher at UCLA and her AIDS research, saying she’s doing a disservice to people with AIDS, because she’s talking about a strain of drug resistant HIV without putting up any answers.

More BAMN – drop the charges against the protesters in the student movement.

Joseph Saman, Int’l System – comparing London’s racial tensions, to CA racial tensions.

David, UCSD Black Student Union Chair – Talking about what he’s had to experience at a black student at UCSD…trash thrown at him, being called a n-word…

Fnann, UCSD Black Student Union Chair – As she’s tearing up…talkign about her black recruits to UCSD telling her they regret it because of all they’ve had to go through on that campus.

Student UCSD – “I’m a student at UCSD, but I’m not jsut a student, I’m a survivor – and that’s the problem at UCSD”.

Filipina Student at UCSD – talking about the issues she has having as a Filipina women, the difficulties of racial, sexist remarks, and the difficulties of paying more for this education.

UCSD Student – Lack of administration at UCSD…

UCSD Students -Sorry, had to run out…they also discussed issues of Gaybashing and prejudice at UCSD.

Miguel Lopez, GSALA – I hope Regents plan to hold a meeting at UCSD to speak to the issue of diversity and show support for those students.  Also, I fight item J2G, which will change the way the professional school fees are calculated.

Muslim Student (Self-identified), UCSD – To talk about diversity initiatives that need to be addressed, also saying how the noose affects multiple ethnicities and popualtion.

UCB Student – We must increase the state pie, we need to address the issues of state taxation.  Prop 13 needs to be addressed.

AFSCME – You have to admend the public’s broken trust.

AFSCME – We want joint oversight over the pension – other universities do it, Regents have the ability to delegate the fudiciary responsibility, and should consider it.

AFSCME – cirticiziing the bonuses given, while people are on furlough.

Person – we need to reform the structure of UC Regents…we need to engage the legislature on the issue


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