Liveblog: UCSA Statements, and Black Student Union @ UCSD Statements

12AM Staff Advisor Abeyta –

11:47AM Regent Blum: We have to meet you more than halfway.  The number of reports sitting on shelves, not worked on, is intolerable.  We can’t say thank you, and move on to our next report.  If we’re not doing what we’re supposed to, please be back here at our next meeting.

Regent Lozano: It is our problem.  We hold the stewardship of this issue – we belong in the accotunability of this very body, and it’s our problem.

Perez: Having a adequate student body improves everybody’s experience on our campuses.  We’re putting students through additional hurdles when they have to do the work to keep diversity on our campuses.  Along with the additional hurdles of racism, sexism, etc.etc.

AS we look on our codes of conduct, we are not limited to our physical borders of our campus.  Oru campus community is broader than the actual physcial campus space.

11:44AM Regent Chair Gould: Thank you for your frankness…our responsibility is to move forward.  You have our commitment to improving campus environment.

President Yudof: Your recommendations are incredibly constructive. And we know you’re working hard on this.

11:40AM David: Our Chief Diversity Officer is incompetent, she isn’t even here at the meeting today.  She has not said one word in the last month.  There is a lack of response of administration, and leadership.  When the crisis happened, not one of them knew what to do – none of them have diversity experience, and our chief diversity officer is not sufficient.

Victor Sanchez: We need action, we need direct action, we need fear there will more than just protest, we are trying to mitigate race riots here.

11:35AM Fnann (Chair of Black Student Union at UCSD) – Also, the issue is not admissions or creating a critical mass – the issue is engrained campus climate that is toxic to black students. We brought up these demands to the Chancellor months before compton cookout, and we were rejected until after the compton cookout happened.

David: Why haven’t the recommendations been implemented, we have 2003, 2005, 2009 reports with clear recommendations from reports – none of these were implemented.  We brought up these reports again and again, none of these implementation has happened.

11:28AM David (Chair of Black Student Union) – Let’s be clear – UC regents work for us.  We’re investing in that money here, this is our institution, and ya’ll are gonig to get that.  Primary an issue of student safety – a lot of racial tensions.

We shouldn’t be put in these situations – we’re recruiting students to UCSD as racial tensions.  We made these demands.  Chancellor Fox and the admin didn’t come up with one viable demand.  We crafted those demands, we take ownership of that.

11:26AM Victor Sanchez (President of UCSA): we stand in solidarity with the Irvine 11 – their form of protest is legitimate on his eyes, and are protected by first amendment rights.

Thsi issue is now more important that a pocketbook issue.

Diversity Report in 2005 has been presented already – have any of those recommendations been followed up on? no.


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