Liveblog: Update on the UC State Budget

VP of Budget Patrick lenz is doing an update on UC State Budget – it’s very similar to the fiscal context given here:

the big news: student fee generated revenue is on the tipping point of being MORE than the actual state revenue – making the UC more dependent on the private money than on public money.  ISSUE.

The other big news: other states are targeting our people to recruit and draw them away from UC.  Texas is running campaigns to catch up, and is trying to draw away our faculty.

We appear to be getting our 305m back, and that’s the projection.

What happens if we don’t get that money back?  Well – the campuses have to fall back on reserves, and falling back on other revenue streams to make it by.  We’re taxing auxiliaries to move them into the main budget – hospital allocatinos from the campuses ahve been reduced as their revenues have increased (so the campuses are cuttnig back on how much their giving hospitals, the equivalent of saving money in hospitals).


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