Liveblog: Public Comment

10:30AM – UCSD Students talk more about UCSD issues, diversity.  Community Centers, fee increases, etc.etc.

They also speak and advocate for Irvine 11 of the Muslim/Israel tensions at UC Irvine.  Their questioning whose free speech is being protected…

American Physicians and Dentists (they attend the california’s prisons) – they’re critiquing the health care reform proposed by a Texas healthcare company – it’s saying that telemedicine would save money – and this association is saying that it’s not the answer.

They also have their lawyers here – they oppose the UC being the sole employer of all the physicians in the prison system.


2 responses to “Liveblog: Public Comment

  1. Try figuring out the difference between their/they’re before you post things.

    And realize that only the well-funded whiners are the ones who are “speaking” here. They’re so oppressed that they’re now the sole spokesmen for the school!

    • I apologize for the typos and syntax errors in my blogs, these particular blogs are liveblogs, and sometimes I don’t have as much time to edit them before I update/post them onto the blog.

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