International Student Movement

“International Student Movement” is a Facebook page dedicated to keeping people informed of student movements taking place all over the world.

Description: The “ISM” is an independent platform used by groups and activists around the world struggling against the marketisation and privatisation of public education and for free and emancipatory education to network and co-ordinate protests together.”

Check it out to see what students are doing to resist and rethink the way the university operations here.


One response to “International Student Movement

  1. Our organization, SLAC, is dedicated to reducing the load of student loans on students and graduates. That means not having to borrow so much in the first place and having more and better ways of forgiveness of the loans. We have our own newsletter to keep members abreast and get ideas from people as clever as we can enlist. Obviously the interests of our members intersect with interests that you espouse here, such as beating down tuition raises.

    Not all states had done to students and their parents what California has done. On the objective of having the loans be less in the first place, we seek to influence localities that have taken the tack California has taken to start reversing their field.

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