UC Irvine to open gender neutral housing in fall

Message forwarded by LGBT Resource Center, UCI

For the 2010-2011 academic year, UCI Student Housing is opening 2 new communities for LGBTQ students and their allies: Open House & Spectrum House!

Open House, located in Middle Earth, is open to incoming and continuing students.  Open House is a gender neutral housing option.

Gender neutral housing allows same-gender roommates, opposite-gender roommates, or other gender-identity roommate pairings, regardless of physical sex.  The residents of Open House will be able to benefit from a unique gender-free experience in a non-judgmental environment that encourages self-expressions and individuality.

Spectrum House, located in Arroyo Vista, is only open to continuing students.  Spectrum House is a unique community that celebrates and affirm the cultural experiences for LGBTQA students through programming, community development, an increased visibility of LGBT students & issues, and providing a safe space at UCI.

If you have not already applied for Housing, make sure to APPLY TODAY and get on the waitlist.  Due to decreased freshman enrollment, most continuing students on the waitlist will be offered a housing contract.

Click HERE for more information about either housing option or to apply.  If the link does not work, visit http://www.lgbtrc.uci.edu/resourceshousing.php.


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