Sarah Palin to Speak at CSU Stanislaus in June

Although the Cal State system has their own student-trustee…

(The Board of Trustees is the Cal State equivalent of the UC’s Board of Regents.)

We thought it would be interesting to share this article: CSU Stanislaus is refusing to disclose the amount of money paid to have Sarah Palin as a guest speaker.  Students and faculty are speculating that it’s over $100,000, and they are also questioning…is this fair?

“Our students are being slammed by enormous fee hikes while cuts mean they can’t get the classes they need,” says Lillian Taiz, president of the California Faculty Association. “This resistance to transparency is another slap in the face. CSU executives are at the top of these so-called auxiliaries, and they need to show more respect for the people they supposedly serve.”

See the whole story:

Facebook groups surrounding the controversy:


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