Re: Higher Education Pledge: Gavin Newsom, where you at?

On Thursday morning, Mayor Gavin Newsom signed the California High School Democrats/California College Democrats’

Higher Education Pledge…

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, 2010 Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

That leaves us with one question…

Gavin Newsom, where you at?

Take the higher education pledge now.


One response to “Re: Higher Education Pledge: Gavin Newsom, where you at?

  1. I would like to share my educational pledge with your organization. Please feel free to share with families, students and colleagues:

    The Educational Pledge:
    I pledge to maintain a
    Healthy Mind and Body
    Staying away from the Evil of drugs
    I pledge always to try my Best to understand
    The importance of Knowledge and Education
    I pledge to paint a Positive picture of where
    I plan to be tomorrow
    Not allowing obstacles to stop the growth of my Plans
    I pledge to seek Answers to Questions,
    With the understanding that they
    Will lead to other discoveries
    I pledge to work diligently
    With the Awareness and Confidence
    That hard work today will serve
    As the seeds for my strong tree tomorrow
    A tree that no one will be able to tear down
    I pledge to learn proper languages,
    Beginning with my Mother’s
    Always prepared to appreciate others
    I pledge to gain a better understanding of who I am
    By understanding my Cultural roots
    I pledge to fully accept who I am as a spiritual and human being
    A Rainbow of many cultures and colors
    I pledge to overcome any Personal misfortunes
    Becoming Stronger from such misfortunes
    Always striving to become
    A wise person.

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