Upcoming Events and Actions

Protest the Nazi Rally

When:  4/17
Where: LA City Hall – South Lawn

This protest is in opposition to a public recruitment rally at Los Angeles City Hall held by the National Socialist Movement (NSM), who is an openly neo-Nazi organization. The NSA intends to expand their membership and garner media attention for their views. The NSM seeks to reverse the recent advances gained in civil rights and the new student movement. In particular, the group intends to stop the passage of the California Dream Act, which would provide financial aid opportunities for undocumented immigrant students.


Higher Education Funeral Proceeding

When: TBA
Where: TBA

A proposed funeral march to mourn the death of education, workers’ rights, and others.

Due to the rescheduling of the Commission on the Future this event will be rescheduled from its original date of May 4th. Be on the lookout for future updates regarding this event.

Califaztlan MEChA Statewide Conference 2010 & 18th Annual Youth Conference

When: 4/16 – 4/18
Where: Pasadena City College

A festival celebrating progressing within and outward through collaboration of the community, MEChistAs, families, students, and people of a direct struggle. Festivities include art exhibition, movie screening, sunrise ceremony, workshops, key note speakers, entertainment, statewide action, food, and unity.


Israel Defense Forces Colonel Bentzi Gruber at UC

When: 4/14 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Where: UCI Social Sciences Lab (SSL) 152

Col. Gruber of the Israeli Defense Force(IDF) will speak of his experiences as the vice‐commander of over 18,000 soldiers in an armored division.


Womyn of Color Conference

When: 4/24 – 4/25
Where: UC Santa Barbara

This conference will “allow individuals from all walks of life to unite by sharing their stories, experiences, struggles and creating lifelong connections along the way.”


Second Statewide Conference Against the Privatization of Public Education

When: 4/24
Where: Santee Education Complex (1921 South Maple Ave Los Angeles, CA)

“to democratically discuss and decide on a unifying political platform and plan of action capable of bringing together schools, student organizations, labor unions, committees, coalitions, and parent and community organizations across the state to deepen and push forward this powerful and broad movement that shook the state and the country on March 4th.”



2 responses to “Upcoming Events and Actions

  1. A suggestion: emphasize that the listing of these events/actions is meant to help readers gauge the state of the higher education movement/sociopolitical landscape. Otherwise, it seems as though you guys are endorsing questionable events – specifically, the neo-Nazi one listed first.

  2. Oh, my bad – I misread the event – it’s held in OPPOSITION to the Nazi event. I retract my previous comment!

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