Save the Cal Grant! Take Action NOW!

via UC Student Association

Call in now to save Cal Grants!

With the Cal Grant repeatedly on the chopping block during budget negotiations, and the Regents continually raising fees, low income students can’t continue to afford college. UC students are taking action to ensure that students who need financial aid will have it in California by demanding that legislators pass Assembly Bill 2447. AB 2447 will ensure that ALL mandatory fees are covered by the entitlement Cal Grant—both systemwide and campus-based.

Tomorrow, April 20, AB 2447 will be heard in the Higher Education Committee of the State Assembly. Students will be gathering in Sacramento to demand that the Cal Grant be secured for current and incoming students.

AB 2447 must be passed through the Higher Education Committee to survive. The time to save the Cal Grant is NOW.

Assemblymember Block, chair of the Higher Education Committee is against our bill, and therefore against students being able to afford college. The time is NOW to support students and pass AB 2447!

Call Assemblymember Block at (916) 319-2078  and tell them to pass AB 2447. The Higher Education Committee Hearing is at 1:00pm–don’t wait, CALL NOW!!

What you can say:

Hi, my name is ______________ and I am a student at UC__. I am calling today to urge Assemblymember Block to vote YES and pass AB 2447 in the Higher Education committee.

UC students are already facing a 32% fee increase while facing constant cuts to financial aid. AB 2447 will ensure that the cal grant is secured in the budget. If AB 2447 is not passed, hundreds of thousands of students will lose a chance at being able to afford college.

Will Assemblymember Block support students by passing AB 2447 through the Higher Education Committee?

Thank you. Have a nice day.


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