Week Update

  1. Three-year bachelor’s degree gains popularity

April 23, 2010
Many students are obtaining their degrees in three years rather than 4 years in order to reduce tuition bills. Many small US Colleges offer routes for students to earn a degree in 3 years. Some argue that providing students this route allows for students to save time and money, however others argue that the academic quality of a 3 year degree plan could undermine a student’s ability to explore the college experience.


2. Governor pledges support for higher education

April 27, 2010

Governor Schwarzenegger made a pledge on Tuesday that he would promise that he would veto any budget that does not include the increases in funding for higher education. The governor proposed a 2010-2011 budget that would return more than $848 million to public higher education in the state of California.


3. USAC seeks to improve budget process

April 28, 2010

UC campus groups apply for funding for events from the Undergraduate Students Association Council on a quarterly basis. However, the process is quick as applications are reviewed in less than 10 minutes. The USAC committee is going to adjust by evaluating applications based on the appeal and effectiveness of planning and organization. USAC seeks to fund events that are educational and service orientated for the undergraduate student population in the UC system.


4. LGBT Housing Coming to UCI

April 22, 2010

A gender neutral and LGBT housing will be offered to UCI students in the fall of 2010. The gender neutral house will be offered to first year students where the house will provide an environment that celebrates dives identities and gender expressions. This gender neutral hall will allow for both same and opposite gender roommate pairings. The LGBT house offered to upperclassmen will promote understanding about sexual orientation, gender, and other aspects of diversity to enhance leadership skills, multicultural awareness and personal development.


5.Thousands Continue to Fight Budget Cuts

April 22, 2010

The 365 mile march protest against the budget cuts to higher education finally came to a finish on Wednesday April 21, 2010. The 48 day march known as The March for California’s Future, had a huge turnout as numerous protestors and sponsoring organizations and unions participated.


6. Chasing the D.R.E.A.M.

April 22, 2010

The D.R.E.A.M. act, which was first introduced 7 years ago, is going through committee once again. The bill, if passed, would provide financial aid to undocumented immigrants. Although unofficial California residents can attend a public university under AB 540, financial aid is not provided. Francisco Castillo, the governor’s press secretary, said that the governor supported AB 540 but not the D.R.E.A.M. Act in which he vetoed twice in 2005 and 2008.



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