Escalation of violence against LGBTQ community

In recent months:

March 10th, 2 students that identify as gay from UC Riverside where taken to
the hospital after being jeered at, called homophobic names, and beaten.

Mid March at UC Davis their LGBT Resource Center was vandalized and spray
painted with
homophobic language.

Late march, A straight man was gay-bashed at one of our UC’s, but has
elected not to come forward, so it was not formally reported.

A community member reported today that a violent attack against a trans FTM
student at Cal State Long Beach happened Thursday night. The student was
attacked on his way to the bathroom. The attackers beat him, ripped off his
clothes and carved the word “IT” into his chest

We hope that incident like these will not / can not occur at UCI, but there
is no accounting for fringe individuals that are hateful.

Please be extra cautious and attentive to your environment.  When possible
stick with friends especially at night.  There is a safety escort service on
campus that anyone can use.

It is not my goal to instill fear into our community.  We are strong and
resilient, and are making great strides towards equality and greater
visibility on campus at UCI.  However, there are people who resent us and
are angered by every step we take towards our goals of gaining equality and
living with dignity.  Let’s watch out for each other.

Allies.  Now is the time we need you most.  Please become vocal if you are
not already.  Speak out in advance of violence occurring.  Speak out on our
behalf often and with passion.  For people that are homophobic, there are no
words we, as LGBTQ people can say that will not be dismissed.  However, you
as straight allies can be our voice and be heard and respected.  Please make
efforts in the ways you can to speak out against this type of violence, to
support the LGBTQ community, and object to derogatory language when you hear
it.  We need your help.

With love for my queer family and our wonderful ally friends at UCI.

David Bishop
Director, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center
University of California, Irvine


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