Torlakson, running for California Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson commits to coming to all the UC Regent and CSU Trustee meetings as a Superintendent of Higher Education.

Former CCD Communications Director Anjani Nadadur interviews Tom Torlakson, Assembly Member and candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, at the 2010 California Democratic Party Convention.

Quick background: There a number of UC Regents that are not appointed by the Governor, but are actually there because of their elected positions.  Positions like the Speaker of the Assembly (Perez), the Gov, the Lt. Gov, and the Superintendent of Higher Education are all UC Regents.  This year, I’ve only seen Jack O’Connell, the current Superintendent, at one Regent meeting.  He didn’t stay the whole time, and he was just there to thank us for backing CA for the Race to the Top national funding.  But it is incredibly important that these elected officials come to the meetings as Regents, because they are also trustees of the UC, and they strengthen our ties to state government.

Since his appointment, for example, Speaker Perez has come to all Regent meetings so far.  Of course, there has only been 1 Regent meeting.  But it’s a great start!


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