More cases of homophobic events

Letter from UCI LGBT Center:

Yesterday I received reports of 3 NEW homophobic events that occurred in the
UC system last weekend, two separate cases occurred at UC Santa Barbara



There was a 3rd incident on another campus but the person is not willing to
come forward yet. 

It is clear that queer people and even those perceived to be queer are being
targeted, as well as verbally and physically harmed. The escalation of hate
on campuses cannot be ignored or chalked up to isolated incidents.

Many of you have reached out to lend support to the transman Colle, who was
attacked two weeks ago at CSULB.  Saturday I delivered all the cards,
letter, gifts, and warm wishes to him.  He was overwhelmed at the concern
and generosity he got from the UCI community.  He asked me to express his
gratitude everyone who took the time to send healing words.  I thank you for
extending your compassion beyond our campus.

In an effort to set a tone on the UCI campus I have been working with
Students, Staff, and faculty here at UCI to coordinate Peace it together:
UCI United Against Acts of Hate. This is a rally designed to speak out
against not just homophobia, but all forms of hate that we have been
experiencing across the UC system, including acts of racism and attacks
on people for their spiritual identities.  The goal is to pull the UCI
community together to state unequivocally that acts of hate are intolerable.

Sadly, this event has been cancelled.  With so little time remaining in the
quarter, people are already committed to other programming and are
overextended. There is no way to put on this event without programming
against other groups that have put huge amounts of efforts into getting
people to their own events for the purpose of education.  Many of you have
offered to lend support, but there were too few of us to to achieve our
larger goals.

Stay safe everyone, and look out for one another.  Where ever you hear hate
speech speak out against it when it is productive and safe to do so.  Now is
the time to stay visible and work harder for equality.  If we
back down, then the haters have won.

With warm regards. 

David Bishop 
Director, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center
University of California, Irvine

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