Update on Berkeley Hunger Strike

Message received via Decolonizing the University:

This morning Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost George W. Breslauer
came to speak with the strikers in front of CA hall on campus.

Students were invited to a conversation (not a negotiation meeting) this evening, with the condition of allowing only a student representative at this talk.  Other representatives of the hunger strike coalition were not allowed in.  Additionally, police blocked the door preventing a union worker from entering the building.

The hunger strikers do not agree with how the Vice Chancellor is trying to divide the coalition. The coalition will not have a conversation unless the Vice Chancellor allows representatives from students AND workers.

Please take the time to call the Chancellor’s office and every vice
chancellor’s office until this meeting is set up! We need to put pressure on our administration and hold them accountable to the students.
Phone: (510) 642-7464

Tomorrow, Thurs., at 4pm, there is an action at CA Hall.

Friday at NOON there will be an URGENT, ALL OUT SUPPORT RALLY at CA Hall. Please stop by; we need all the support possible.


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