Governor Restores Cal Grant in May Budget Revise

Message from UC Student Association:

Today Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger committed to saving the Competitive Cal Grant Award in his May Revision of the 2010-11 California Budget.

This is a different story from January when Schwarzenegger proposed to eliminate funding for this vital grant in his initial budget proposal.

By covering the cost of fees and living expenses, the grant ensures that low-income and nontraditional students will continue to have a place at California higher-education institutions. For the past three years, the Cal Grant program has continuously been at risk in the Governor’s budget.

Today marks a turning point — this was a hard-earned victory. After we mobilized in the fall, the Governor proposed to eliminate the Competitive Cal Grant. And then we upped the ante by rallying in Sacramento in March, at which time the Governor pledged to save it.

In April, Schwarzenegger stated that he would stick to his January proposal. Although UC officials claimed this as a victory, we knew that this meant cuts to the Competitive Cal Grant were still on the table. We made a last push in May, making call-ins to his office and rallying in Sacramento and Los Angeles to demand that the Governor keep his promise.


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