Message from USSA: Immigration laws and DREAM Act

The passage of SB 1070 in Arizona, the controversial immigration law, has rocketed immigration reform, and consequently, the DREAM Act, onto the national stage. Young people have been working tirelessly on the passage of the DREAM Act since it's introduction in 2001.  Now, students nationwide are taking action on both SB 1070 and the DREAM Act, requiring a national student discussion.

Join Student Activism and the United States Student Association on Wednesday May 19th from 1-2 pm EST for a twitter chat about the DREAM Act legislation and the SB1070 anti-immigrant law in Arizona. Learn about what students across the country are doing in support of the DREAM Act and against SB1070 and other anti-immigrant policies in our communities.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up on Twitter.
  2. Follow @studentactivism and @usstudents.
  3. On Wednesday, May 19th at 1:00pm EST join the Twitter chat by searching for the hashtag "#sgachat" once on Twitter.  From there, you can participate in the conversation. When you tweet something using that hashtag - by including the word "#sgachat" somewhere in your tweet - your tweet will be visible to everyone else doing that search, whether they're following you or not.

The outcome of immigration reform will have lasting impact.  As America's youth, we cannot afford to stay out of this debate.  By coming together through Twitter, we will continue a dialogue that will lead to greater unity and strength as we move forward with our campaigns to pass the DREAM Act and make this country more just for all students, including immigrant students.  Join us!

For the students,

Gregory Cendana, USSA President


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