Approval of Fiscal Year 2010-11 Budget for Office of the President

The Committee on Finance will be submitting appropriations for the UCOP Fiscal Year 2010-11 to the Regents to be approved. The central administration’s spending plans total $438,489,028, which reflects a $24,506,177, or 5.9% increase in expenditure which reflects increases in research funding, employee benefit costs, and one-time systemwide information technology investments for longer-term budget savings.

The budget is further broken down into: Systemwide Academic Programs at $241,894,734 (55.2%), Core Administration at $161,239,296 (36.8%), Regents Direct Reports at $33,391,965 (7.6%), and Academic Senate at $1,963,033 (0.4%). This breakdown is essential to create UCOP spending transparency to the Regents, campuses, and wider community, while allowing constituents to understand the essential functions of the UCOP and how those relate to the larger enterprise of the University.

Unrestricted funds have come slightly down ($170,918,454 to $170,790,202) to reduce central administration funding reliance on unrestricted funds, so to deploy them to University teaching and research priorities. Restricted funds ($243,064,397 to $267,698,826) have gone up to support research.

A Funding Stream Initiative is also being established by the UC to allow campuses to retain almost all revenue generated on campus through student fees, indirect cost recovery, other sources, and to provide a clear and adequate funding model for central operations and systemwide priorities and initiatives. This will require clear, accurate, and transparent accounting of current funding for those needs.

New funding commitments include: increase of more than $7 million in employee benefit costs across all funds, restoration of EAP to the UCOP budget, $8 million to new information technology that will improve services and allow for $4 million projects annual cost savings, $19 million in multi-year state research funding (total appropriation, not just annual obligation)


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