Committee on Finance

Big dogs roll out.  Committee on Finance.

1055 – now we’re talking about risk management – they’ve saved 420m by avoiding claims…they’re also talking about IT redundancies, and how to create efficiencies.

10:42 – peter taylor (VP Finance) talks really quickly.  we’ve alrady documented that we’ve saved 232m dollars annually in this.  There are tons of examples of how we’re leveraging our programs for multiple campuses.

Regent Stovitz – do you know if this would create personnel increases??  to make this intiative…work?

Brostrum – there will always tkae a substaintial investment to realize savings.  For example, to streamline payroll, you will need a payroll manager to keep adding more campuses to the payroll program.

10:33 – we’re now going into the administrative restructing of the UC – to make savings happen.  Three levels of change: campus restructuring initiatives, Regional centers of excellence, and systemwide efficiency initatives.

Campus Intiatives – restructuring how they are going to create purchasing.

Regional Intiatives – using economies of scale (for instance, Graduate Health Insurance GSHIP), procurement/purchasing, and using campus services for multiple campuses.  for instance UCLA financial handles UCMerced, and UCOP.

1025 – Victor Sanchez: talks about progress and joint advocacy between UCSA and UCOP and success in regards to the governors budget, and continuing the success and results of agitation.

But also talks about the racial issues on campuses — black student leaders met with Regent Eddie Island yesterday to talk about demands – including centralization of police and police/student liasions, and centralized funding of Student Intiatied Academic Preparation.

Also talks about CoTF, and finding revenue sources that dont’ come from student fees.

Also talks about institiutional aid for AB540 students – how it’s deeply important and moving forward with it.  UCSA stands behind it.

1010 – We’re now talking about the Budget for Office of the President.  We have a briefing that came earlier in the blog – you can search for it on the left tab.

The Budget is actually a new thing – this is only the 4th annual one.  The first one was messy and sloppy and showed that the OP didn’t really have a sense of good budget rigor.  By this fourth one, the stuff has been much more rigorous and clearer.  It’s true – this budget is pretty clear to read and depends on actual numbers, and not so much estimates…the first budget four years ago…was…less so.

The big one here too is 6million dollars to the operating budget to UC Merced to keep it going.  The campus needs that kind of money.  This UCOP is unique from other systems, because the OP office actually handles very specific systemwide programs used by serveral diff. campuses like UC Press, the CA Digital Library, and K-12 Academic Prep.

UCOP totoal budget down by 16% since 07-08,l and the employment is down 28%.  But we have new budget commitments, such as Retirement contributions/benefit costs of 7.6m (because the state won’t pay *ahem*Lt.Gov.)

10AM – Gov. May Revise Budget.  So the Governor has approved a Capital Facilities build of around 400m – the focus on the budget is jobs.  And so the UC is trying to show that we’re going to increase jobs growth with construction, and have a bond lease issued so we can build more buildings.

Collective level of Advocacy – the focus is maintaining the quality.

Assemblymember Block just indicated his support for Higher Education.  Regents were given a letter of Regents that they can personally press on to make a difference.


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