It’s the May Regents Meeting! (MRM)

It’s that time of the bimonth again!  Regents meeting time!

And as always, the UCRegentLive blog is liveblogging and tweeting from the Regents table, for your enjoyment and quasi-education.

This month actually has a pretty light agenda – it’s only two days long Wednesday/Thursday, and a lot of the big items are discussion and update items, and not actual actionables.

That being said, the two big items on the agenda this month are: The Approval of UC Office of the President Budget, and the Amendment to Student Fee Policy.

Approval of the UCOP Budget just passes the budget that the direct OP office will have to work with next year.  Interestingly enough, the OP budget does a lot more than just OP work, or paying for OP employment, it also funds systemwide programs that can’t find a campus home – such as the Education Abroad Program, and the academic preparation funds.  The OP budget is somewhat a mishmash of different budgetary priorities, but as years go on, there has been attempts to clarify and clean up the budget, and pass down more of the academics and programming down to the campuses.  You can learn more about the proposal on our summary here:

The Amendment to the Student Fee Policy is in regards to the Registration Fee – the Fee that goes towards Student Services.  It’s being appropriately renamed as…the Student Services fee.  It’s also getting a clearer set of policies that govern how the money should be spent on student services, and comes with a set of guidelines attached that recommend transparency, accountability, and student oversight procedures.  Again, more summary from our article here:

Other Big Things that are really just discussions: There’s a conversation about the May Revise Budget from the Governor, which was very kind to higher education, but not so kind to too many other people.  There’s a conversation about how the UC may provide healthcare to California Prisions.  There’s a report about administrative restructuring (to save money), that the Wall Street Journal actually reported on earlier today (

And that’s really it for this month’s Regents meeting.  I know that some students are planning to protest the Regents meeting – Berkeley Hunger Strikers?  Not sure – shoot me an email if anybody hears anything!  And I’m getting word of some stirrings up at UC Davis in terms of a student vote?  Anyone got any info on that one?

Remember to tune in around 8AM tomorrow morning, we’ll start liveblogging with public comment!!


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