President Student Leadership Award

A little bit of Anteater pride here, and also people of color pride.

The President Student Leadership Award was created by D’Artangan Scorza – to award leadership of students who are doing amazing work and deserve to be honored.

The winner is Olive Tree Initiatve from UC Irvine!!! YAY!  The work to build understanding between different groups, in particularly the Middle East conflict.

The second winner is IDEAS at UCLA!!  They are an organization that supports and fights for undocumented student issues and population!  It so amazing!! I think they do amazing work, I’ve been lucky to work with them on occassion, and they really really make it work.  IDEAS.  Heck yes.

The two founding members of IDEAS recently died tragically in car accident…but the work they do live on.  These students put their lives and welfare on the line, everyday, every AB540 student, on the line for the cause.  R.I.P.

1 in 5 members of AB540 IDEAS group dropped out of UCLA because of the 32% fee increase.  Some of them commute over 6 hours a day – it’s incredibly tough.


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