Public Comment – MRM!

It’s public comment time for the MRM (May Regents Meeting)!

9:30 – Faculty Rep. Powell, Academic Senate chair – talks about diversity and admissions…five year review about comprehensive review!!  Best practices on each campus are shared and reviewed.  We’ll be getting that report as Regents.   Huh.  Also faculty talks about the systemwide committee on diversity and equality/equity.  Just wants people to know it exists.

Also talking about UCSD’s academic senate working on diversity.  The academic senate doesn’t stand in opposition to diversity.  They’re working forward, and working with the systemwide committee to improve climate and review of academics.

Also Intersegmental Council of Academic Senates did a lot of adovcacy work there…they’ve come out with a new brochure for the public, and now is talking about their series of meetings with LAO, legislators, governors, etc.etc.  Faculty Rep. Powell is also ending his term, this quarter.

Regent Kiefer asks about the Choices report put out by the Academic Senate…it’s a defining work for the Senate in considering the CoTF.  Talking about bottom up innovation.  Kiefer – the online edu discussion in this was “negative and narrow” no talk about “making it work”.  Chair Powell this is a response to expensive experiments on online education.  We shouldn’t force on a budget, and should consider these things very carefully.

930 – Lt. Gov. Malandao gives short comments – agrees a lot with Presidnet Yudof.  Accountability, Transparency, and affordability.  He sys he’s not here to throw a press release out there.  He doesn’t want “no one to win, when we fight”.

Yudof comments – more about the May Revise budget – talks about the April 27th advocacy day…and it’s success!

Yudof is continuing talking about administrative efficienties – we have to implement these things, so “we can put money back to the students and the staff where it belongs”.

Regent Gould does his statements: Lt. Gov. Malandao – welcome! Also the Three Regents that have been recently approved – Charlene Zettel, George Kiefer, Sherry Lansing.  Then he talks about the Campus Climate issues about last Regents meeting – he is establishing the committee on Campus Climate…George Kiefer, Bonnie Riess, fred ruiz, Alumni Regent defreece, juliann martinez, jesse cheng, chair eddie island are the members.  I think I missed one, so we’ll fact check that one.

May Revise Budget – started with conversation with the Gov’s commitment of putting out and defending a budget that protects higher education.  State’s revenues dropped by 1.3 billion.  CA still faces 20b financial gap – higher education is going to have to fight to maintain.  That commitment is still half of what we proposed in Jan Budget – so we still have to deal with a shortfall of resoucrces for the UC.  Today, we’ll hear first about COTF some recommendations sysstems.

Administrative efficencies annouced today – millions dollars saved, with systemwide programs in HR and others that can save quite a bit.  More ideas are in July.

Tips for Student Regent Dressing – skinny ties at Japanese Dollar Stores (Diaso Japan!) Skinny, colorful, and 3 dollars each.  Pair with the same white shirt for a month, and no one will know that you’re actually wearing the same thing =P

910 – Comments of Gould and Yudof…what what?

9:05 – A postdoc talking about the stability of wages for post doc students.  A lot of people here talking about wages, as usual.  BAMN is here again – asking to pass as the DREAM scholarships proposal (which may or may not be coming in front of the Regents in July, but he says it is)

9AM – There is a commentor that is talking about the anti-semetism at UC campuses, specifically signs at UC Berkeley and the MSU actions at UC Irvine.

9:00 – AFSCME has entered the building.  Talking about the insourcing the ABM workers.

Also Council on Student Fees just talked in support of the Registration Fee name change policy, but held reservations about the guidelines that came attached.  The student was a vice chair of CSF, and chair of UC Merceds SFAC!

9:00 – Big names in the room this week!  Superintendent O’connel, Speaker Perez, and Lt. Gov. Maldonado are all present!  This is strange.  But this is the Lt.Gov. first possible regents meeting, so this is good to see him.

The last speaker just now was an Iowa State Wrestling Coach, who came all the way out here on his own time to speak to save the wrestling program at @ucdavis.  Damn.  He’s a gold medalist.  That’s pretty intense.  And…AFSCME entered the building.

8:45 – the biggest comment so far is UC Davis, students are mad that their atheltics are being cut!  Most of these students look like student athletes too, this man who just talked was like 8 feet tall.

The other comment is tabacco control on campus, to anti-smoking.


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