LIVEBLOG: May Regent Meeting, Day 2

10:25AM – Board Reports

I’m getting my new committee assignments for next year, for my Regent year!  I’m sitting on all of the same committees that Jesse Bernal sat on: Compliance and Audit, Education Policy, and Finance.  Education Policy and Finance are some of the largest groups, in terms of broadness of agenda and the # of Regents on there.  Altho Regents can sit and talk on any committee, these are those committees that I’m actually directly voting on, although at the Board Report I’ll be able to pass the final vote on all issues.

10:22AM – Committee on Compensation

This is a technical change in categorization of hiring for Deans.  Deans are currently listed as Senior Management in the UC…it’s not completely fair or accurate.  This one moves Deans to Academic level…which is more in tune to what they’re actually doing.

10AM – Committee on Dept of Energy Labs

How Lawrence Livermore Labs does more than just nuclear stockpiles.  For instance…they just discovered a new element – element 117.  A new species of Hominid. And President Yudof really likes the development of an artifical retina!

920AM – Committee on Finance and Oversight on Dept on Energy Labs

The item is super-complicated, but what it is essentially is reallocating the money that the UC got from managing the Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore – and redistributing them partially to the employees of the Labs (2M) and Research program (19.9M).  So…2/3rds of the benefit that we receive from the fees for company go back into research.

Academic Senate Vice Chair Simmons gives his recommendation.

915AM – committee of healthcare – prison healthcare in california

they say that the UC is just beginning in that process of considering UC involvement in prison healthcare in california.

Regent Pattiz says he’s extremely skeptical, but the more information he gets, the more he’s starting to consider it.

The Regents are going to have a public session from 12-2PM about considering UC healthcare involvement in the prison system.  That’s open to the public for everybody, so everyone come check it out!

is how you can listen live!

9AM – moving on to the committee of healthcare

We’re first talking about MLK Jr. Hospital.  The hospital, again, is a joint effort to reopen the MLK Jr. Hospital between UC Health and LA County, and will serve a deeply underserved area.  They’re hiring for the Board of Directors right now.

Check out the MLK website –

The financial guarantee for the hospital is by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong.

8:45 – public comment has started at May Regent Meeting, Day 2!

So far, we’ve heard about Professor on Israel studies, asking Regents to take action against the “organized actions” against Jewish and Israel students.  Then a medical worker asking Regents to approve the contact she’s under, and give her a living wage.  And now a member of the union of American Physicans and Dentists, who currently handles the state prision healthcare system.  They’re speaking out against the UC taking over the state prison healthcare system (to be real, they would also lose like all those jobs they currently have to the UC).

A UC Davis mother has come out to defend UC Davis Swimming and Diving team – her son swims on that team.  She argues that UC Davis cannot discontinue UC sport teams – students apparently have a contract with the Regents and Chancellor arguing that those teams cannot be cut.  Ben West – UC Men’s Wrestling, also speaks about the same.  We’re going to do a short article in the future on what the UC Davis athletics programs situation was about, and Chancellor Katehi’s response.


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