THE DIG: More drastic action to push for the DREAM Act rises across the nation

The hunger strike of 10 NYC activists will continue tomorrow in front of
Senator Shumer’s office:

Its now Day 3 of the Hunger Strike and the effects of not eating for more
than 48 hours has begun to  take effect. The Strikers are more tired and
perpetually hungry. Its also terrible to have to smell food and watch
people eat in the busy NYC streets. But the strikers refuse to move until
Senator Schumer moves the Dream Act as a stand alone bill.

Read on at:

Also, in Illinois:
The Immigrant Youth Justice League write to Congressman Gutierrez to
support and implement the DREAM Act:

In Virginia:
Harrisonburg, VA – High school and college students will join with
supporters throughout the region to stage the first march and rally for
immigrant student rights ever held in Harrisonburg. The effort, organized
by the town’s youth-led “DREAM Activist –
Virginia,” will occur on June 9th to align with the National Day of
Action, when hundreds of grassroots advocacy groups have planned similar
events across the country.
Read more:

According to,
The DREAM Act is a bipartisan proposal, which would create a pathway to
citizenship for thousands of young students who were brought to the United
States years ago as children. If Congress fails to act this year, another
entire class of outstanding, law-abiding high school students will
graduate without being able to plan for the future, and some will be
removed from their homes to countries they barely know. This tragedy will
cause America to lose a vital asset: an educated class of promising
immigrant students who have demonstrated a commitment to hard work and a
strong desire to be contributing members of our society.

Petition to push for the DREAM Act here:

To learn more about the controversy surrounding the DREAM Act, including
previous protests, pros/cons of the act, and more, refer to this article:
Sanchez co-sponsors immigrant-education bill at


One response to “THE DIG: More drastic action to push for the DREAM Act rises across the nation

  1. Follow us at @DreamAct

    Today: NYC @Starved4Dream DAY 9, End of 213m walk in #NE ,Sit-in in #KY,Fast in NC,Vigil in #MA,Mock Grad in #OK,#dreamact rally in #FL & #VA

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