THE DIG: 5% Fee Increase Approved at CSU with Student Opposition

What does this 5% increase for CSU exactly mean?  Exactly how much of an increase is this and why now?  Find out here:

Though CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed. expressed that the fee increase would allow for less lay offs and more enrollment, student protest was apparent at the meeting on Friday:

The OC Register relates student voices, “‘It’s really sad that we have go through another round of fee increases, especially after the big increases last year,” said Cal State Fullerton senior Greg Washington, 20, of Chino. “And it’s really sad that even in 2010, we have to fight to show how important higher education is for California. Every time these fees go up, there are students who can’t afford to go to college anymore.'” Get the student input here:

Other students seem to take a more accepting stance, “‘Am I happy about the rate hike? No. But do I understand? Yeah. The money has to come from somewhere.'”  Read more student feedback here:

Below an image from the student protest of fee increases:

Associated Press - Student Lucia Laguna speaks Friday at the California State University Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach. In voting to raise fees 5 percent, the board placed its bet with Assembly Democrats, who have proposed giving CSU an additional $416 million. If that plan fails, another fee hike is possible. Read more:


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