The Dig: Where the UC Budget Stands Now

From the budget conference committee hearing a couple days ago (June 16th), that heard the budget in regards to higher education. The budget conference committee is where the two houses meet and discuss what the final budget will most probably look like. They had a couple of thoughts about the UC, below we have some of the standouts!

1) They decided not to discuss the 305 million dollar increase that the Governor put in for the UC until the revenue source for that 305 million was designated. So that hasn’t been discussed, although the Legislative Analyst’s Office has supported enrollment growth, and thus should also support some funding towards that.

2) Interestingly, the committee also seriously supported lowering the fee increase that was designated for 2010-2011 (it was the 15% increase that was voted for in November, that came with the same vote of a 15% midyear increase). The assembly mentioned that they would like to lower that increase, only making it a 5% increase instead of the full 15%. They estimated the cost for that rollback/buyback would be around 200m dollars, LAO says it would be around 127m. The Senate held off until they know where that 127-200m would be coming from in revenue.

3) A highlight espeically for our UC faculty. It sounds like the Budget Conference Committee planned to continue to keep the language that commits the State of CA to contributing to UCRP. However, I don’t think that means they’re actually contributing to the plan anytime this year.

4) In regards to high school outreach and academic preparation funding, which supports the SIAP, SIO, or high school outreach programs on our campuses, the budget conference committee sounds like the would like to keep the funding for that stable, so again allocating 29.6million for that.

And that’s where our UC budget is right now in Sacramento! It’s still a long way to go before we get a final budget, and we’ll continue to have updates for you, so keep checking back in!


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