UC411 – Day 2

July Regents Meeting – Day 2

Listen to the Regents Meeting live here – http://california.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2

State Budget for 2011-12

VP Lenz of Budget is reporting that we might be looking at a 275m budget shortfall from the State of California for the UC.  Much of the increase in cost comes from health benefits, retirement contributions, etc.etc.  This not counting any retirement contributino that the state was supposed to make to the UC.

Additionally, three tax revenues are going to sunset in 2011-2012, which will make the budget fight harder for the UC next year, and the Budget office would also chart a serious issue in enrollment growth, where we would be mandated to raise our enrollment but get no state funding for those students.

So…we have to keep organizing!  Because next year will just be that much harder!

Administrative Efficiencies

2:40PM – UC Berkeley, UCOP are talking more about the administrative efficiencies – especially the ones projected to be gained on the UC Berkeley campus after the outside consultation.  UCOP projected before a 500m administrative effeciencies, UC Berkeley has a plan for saving 75 million dollars.  There is a resolution in front of the UC Regents that would give the President the power to oversee and approve of campus administrative system changes, a move that would allow UCOP to push all the campuses to align all their systems together for more efficient and cost purchasing.

Apparently, every 25million that is saved prevent 10-20 days of furlough, or 13% increase in student fees, or 500m that would have to be raised in endowment.

3:10PM The resolution was passed!

California Budget

2:30PM – UC is worried that the money that the Gov allocated in the last May Revise would be moved to one-time revenue, which would result in only a temporary solution and leave the UC next year in a bigger issue.  To even move part of the general fund allocation to the UC and push that into one-time revenue for the UC, means that next year that revenue and allocation would disappear, and we would have to fight for it back.  So it would have, in the long run, very little effect for us.  It would keep us running on a treadmill.

The UC is also worried about UCRP, but less so than we were before.  At one point in the past, there was a language out there that said that the state had no obligation to pay into retirement program, but that language has been taken out.  They are exploring other options, like delaying the state contribution but still holding onto it for the future.

There is a concern that every delay in the budget will make the UC budget more vulnerable.  As we get further and further away from the deadline, then we become more and more easy to take away like any other program, and every month that goes by without funding, is a month we don’t get funding for.  SO BE SURE TO KEEP ADVOCATING!!

Online Instruction

12:30PM – Dean of the Berkeley Law School Chris Edley presents his project of a pilot program for online instruction to the Regents.  He argues that the rationale behind this pilot program is to stretch the quality of the UC to more students to meet the demands of the University.  He believes that online instruction would be the way we could deal with a greater demand for UC education, for more people to do long-distance learning, etc.etc.

Regent Blum spoke positively about this as a direction we need to go.  Regent Varner asked a good question about what does this do the full campus experience for our students.  Gould stands strongly behind this, and Dean Edley reminds us that this is fully done through outside funding.  He also offers that he heard that the Governor might make a private contribution when Dick Blum gives (joke).  Lansing also brings this up as a great thing moved forward.

UCSA speaks that they are extremely anxious about the pedagogy, financial, and quality issues associated with this project.

Comprehensive Review and (Holistic) Admissions Report

12PM – I”m sorry I’m blogging so infrequently, the pace of the Regent meeting has very much slowed down as we’ve tackled more and more difficult questions.  The comprehensive review and admissions report is a report from the faculty that comes regularly about the progress of the admissions policy of comprehensive review…comprehensive review is the 8 standards and x number of factors that all campuses look at to evaluate which students they would like to admit.  However, all campuses are free to execute these factors and standards differently, which results in different admissions processes on different campuses.  UCLA and UC Berkeley are significant in which they use the holistic admissions practice, where each application is read by a human being, who then gives one single score to a person based on their entire portfolio.  UCSD is the only campus that uses a fixed weighted score process, where is essentially an equation of different factors that get added up to rank the students.  UCSD’s process is known to have resulted in extremely low black student populations in their demographic, while UCBerkeley has resulted very positively for diversity as a whole.

The push is to move UCSD to a holistic admissions process.  Regents’, in particular Regent Island, have asked for that push to happen, with the concern around diversity in the admissions process.  Regents seem particularly interested in the idea from the report that every student application should be read and evaluated by a human reader, instead of being churned through a machine.  Currently, 70% of all student applications are read by a reader – Yudof has stated that he wants to move that to the full 100%, and a big number of that lies in changing UCSD over to a holistic admissions model.

Admission Data

11AM – Interesting admissions data has come in.  In brief, the UC has overshot it’s admissions targets by a thousand freshmen students so far, and two thousand transfer students.  Diversity data has gone up, and so has socioeconomic data overallhas gotten up as well.  GPA’s have also risen by .01 across the system.

The first concern here is that the admissions overshoot of the UC is going to cause concern later in the year.  the UC expected 33k students to submit their intent to register (SIR).  To this point, 34,116 SIRs for freshmen have been submitted.  While this is still a decrease from last year’s admissions, it is not as much of a decrease as we projected.  For transfers, we expected around 13k SIRs.  To date, we’ve recieved over 15K.  In this enviornment, schools will be admitting students that they dont’ actually have very much capacity for, and we will undergo in the next year a stretch in resources, classes, housing, services – particularly in the transfer student environment.

If you’re listening in – you’ll probably hear regents talk about a wide range of variety of things – socioeconomic data, middle-class squeeze, definition of diversity, diversity goals, resource overstretch, admissions process…we’re just tackling it all in this conversation.

Faculty and Staff present

10AM – Faculty and Staff presented their work for the year…some highlights

Faculty – There was notable moment, where Chair Powell was asked by Regent Kiefer about the “mandate of shared governance.”  Regent Kiefer made an important note that shared governance was a “wise delegation of power”, and clearly “a delegation” to the faculty.

Staff – Staff had a very busy year this year!  One of the biggest things they’ve started is the CUCSA Outstanding Chancellor Award – an award to a UC chancellor that has been particularly staff-friendly. They’re also worried about Staff Compensation and believe that Educational benefits should be raised to be competitive with peers in CSU.  They’re also considered a push for Talent Planning – ways to develop staff with talent and potential into great management.  Regent Lozano made a special note regarding this agenda item.

Chancellor Katehi’s Defends Cutting UCDavis Athletics

9:30AM – She argues that the cuts were taken in the context of huge shortfall in the UC Davis budget – over 228million by July 2008, 115 just in 09-10.  That’s 20% of the of the campus budget.  Chancellor Katehi said that the four sports being cut – women’s rowing, men’s wrestling, men’s swimming and diving, and men’s indoor track and field, and the decision is final.  She has testified in front of the state legislature in regards to Title IX, and she is bringing an outside impartial group to advise and guide the campus in it’s 8 core principles for UC Davis athletics.

Public Comment

9AM – We have union members here talking about retirement program cuts and contributions.  They don’t want to take the cuts to their benefits and are wary of the contribution plan.  Students, including student gov’t leaders from UCSB, UCB, UCLA, are here talking about socially responsible investing with the UC.  Teamsters Unionis here talking about their contracts.  BAMN is also here talkign about diversity – encouraging the Regents to push through AB540 as a institutional aid issue, make UC campuses become sanctuary for AB540 students, and have the UC join the prop 209 lawsuit.  Gould and Yudof now begin their public comments.

Quick Note: This time last year, the Regents were facing a proposal regarding a tiered furlough program throughout the UC system.  They voted for the program, although at the time I did not have a vote.  The Regents this year will not be looking at such a proposal.


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