UC411 – Day 3

July Regents Meeting – Day 2

Listen to the Regents Meeting live here – http://california.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2

Quick Note: @mark_yudof today wins the best dressed Regent award for the Regent meeting.  He’s wearing a very nice pink tie that breaks his usual yellow-blue, and definitely is a wardrobe exception.  =D

UC Audit

10AM – Compliance and Audit officer notes that it’s been a tough year for compliance officers – as financial services get stretched, controls become more and more stretched.

Career and Technical Education

9:45AM – VP of Student SErvices Judy Sakaki is presenting Career and Technical education courses that have been accepted as a-g courses.  these integrated courses are meant to broaden student access and make a more relevant and rich education in K-12.  This way, more career and technical high schools will be able to provide a-g courses for their students to enter UC.

Regents are highly supportive, especially Regent Lansing, which is speaking about connecting to student’s passions and job opportunities.

Public Comment

9:30AM – Public Comment…unions talk about their “alernative commission on the future”, and their opposition to CoTF recommendations…Jewish organizations speak against the anti-semitism in public comment, and encourages a working definition of anti-semitism be adopted and work against it to be enforced…and we finished with UCDavis student athletics talking about the cuts to their programs.


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