Repost: UC Regent’s Hear Online Degree Program

So some clarifications on the Daily Bruin article – the proposal they’re talking about actually is not going to be an online degree program. They’re exploring a pilot for having some classes online…which is a conversation in itself. but it’s important to recognize that the proposal itself is not creating an entire degree program.

The other thing is that Regents didn’t all voice support as the article might suggest – most Regents didn’t speak on the issue, Regent Marcus actually cautioned about the issue. I haven’t voiced support either on the issue (got misquoted)…I want to see the results of pilot and what a class looks like before I even think about lending support to online education.

Final thing is that Regents’ didn’t really endorse the issue – it was a discussion item, not an action item. so regents’ didn’t take action, there was nothing for the board to endorse. Regents just talked about their thoughts around the possible proposal.

A quick final note as well – the program can’t go ahead unless they find outside sponsors, no UC money is going into this…so in that sense, also there was necessarily moving forward with the program, although regents heard about it.

You can read the original article here:


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