The Dig: Jerry Brown’s Education Plan

Gubernatorial candidate, Jerry Brown, had released his 8  page education plan which details his plans on the following to help CA higher education:

1) Higher Education- bring back the CA Master Plan from the 60’s; he calls for a “major overhaul of many components of the postsecondary system” for a new state Master Plan. He also gives an example of how he focuses state attention on higher ed over prisons when he blocked a proposed $8 billion prison
hospital expansion.  Brown also highlighted  strategies to explore online programs to the fullest, and ameliorate the deficiencies in community colleges as well.

other elements in his plan include…

2) Overhaul State testing program

3) Change school funding formulas and consolidate most of the 62 existing
categorical programs.

4) Teacher Recruitment and Training

5) Simplify the Education Code and Return more decision-making to local
school districts

6) A More Balanced and Creative School Curriculum

7) Place special emphasis on teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and
Math (STEM)

8) Increase Proficiency in English

9) Improve High School Graduation Rates

10) Charter Schools

11) Magnet or Theme schools

12) Citizenship and Character

Full plan here:


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