REPOST: Colleges and the Governors’ Races

Keeping fingers crossed for the elected CA governor to really help higher ed….here’s the run down of what kind of support higher ed may be getting across the nation depending on the governorship; it covers all key elements including scholarships, budget, high demand majors, cutting duplication of service, and of course the hot topic of immigration:

“The federal government has poured tens of billions of dollars into Pell Grants to do its part, but most of the heavy lifting in the college completion agenda will be left to the states, since the vast majority of American students attend public two- and four-year colleges.

These dichotomous pressures are likely to challenge the candidates — and later, the governors — as they establish their budget and policy priorities. Even as most are calling for decreases in overall spending, many are promising to protect higher education, though few are laying out specific plans for how to do so. After the states’ economies eventually stabilize, many candidates say they’ll revisit the higher education crisis; but because they lack the money now, the next round of governors may put pressure on their public institutions to increase efficiency and improve productivity.”

Read the full story:


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