Jesse’s Jab – Item F10 – Student Fee Increase and Expansion of Blue and Gold Plan

So the item is officially out – although for some reason the materials are not actually viewable on the Regents website yet – not sure why this is, trying to figure it out.

The Student Fee Increase and Expansion of the Blue and Gold Plan – officially item F10 – has been officially posted on the Regents agenda.  A couple of significant notes – the fee increase has been marked down for 8% overall – which is a 8% for the education fee (also renamed tuition) and 8% for the student services fee (formerly named registration fee) .  The amount raised for educational costs is projected to be 163.8m, while the amount raised for student services is projected to be 15.7m.  So around 164m and 16m, for a total of approx. 180m – not counting the amount that automatically goes into financial aid because of Return to Aid policy.

So a couple of other significant things about this particular policy.  First, the vote happens on Thursday, instead of Wednesday.  That isn’t anything special, it’s just a different day.  But it should be noted.  The other thing is that it comes between two other important items that can’t be missed – the overall UC budget, and the professional degree fee increase, which will increase fees for professional schools and professional students.  Professional degree fee increase will range anywhere from 0% – 31% depending on the professional school. With professional graduate students, the increase is never overall, but always made in the context of discipline and industry.

The financial aid aspect of this increase is slightly different.  There is a expansion of blue and gold plan up to 80k – meaning students with families that make 80k and below will have their entire tuition covered.  There is also a fee freeze for students who make between 80k-120k for the next year – so students in this field won’t see the fee increase until 2012-2013, when it’ll come in effect.  There has been talk about how this creates a two-tiered effect for fee increases, a fee increase that’s imposed on upper-income students, and then a fee increase that’s deferred for middle-income students.

So that’s the break down as we see it for now!  You can also look at our previous post for the fee increase to see some more analysis that we didn’t want to repeat and bore you with, notably with the student services fee!  As always, we will be liveblogging the regent’s meeting next week, so please stay tuned!


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