UC 411: UC cyber school a good plan?

Cyber School is in popular demand at the University of California and it’s future. Over 80 percent of students surveyed said they would be likely to take an online course at a UC. The UC regents have responded to the popular demand by approving a pilot program of 25-40 new online courses for the UC system. The goal of this program is to see if theses cyber courses can actually hold up against the rigorous coursework that is seen within UC classrooms.

The idea was fashioned by UC regent’s commission on the future, chairman Russ Gould and UC president Mark Yudof, who believe that online education is a low-cost way to offer the same education. California’s independent Legislative Analyst issued a report on cyber courses and backed up the program saying that it would help more students get college access and praised it for its efficiency.

Yet the program sees its drawbacks with more students quitting the classes more often than regular courses and professors doubting the amount students will actually learn from online classes. Even with theses concerns the Regents are moving forward with their plans to expand online courses, and still have hope for a UC quality cyber school.

Get the dish: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/11/03/BA5R1G6F1V.DTL


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