Campus 101: UC Davis at Large

UC Davis is increasing its size by large numbers this year. Transfer
students are up 24.2 percent from last fall making this the largest
student body the university has ever seen.  Among these new students,
32 percent are low income and 43 percent will be the first in their
families to graduate.  This class is one of the most diverse in the
university.  This large increase in students can be attributed to the efforts
of UC Davis and the University of California’s plans to boost transfer
students rates from California community colleges says Frank Wada,
executive director of Undergraduate Admissions and University

Not only have transfer students seen a high increase in admissions but
so has the UC Davis freshman class. The university accepted
19,460 students out of a record breaking 43,295 applicants.  19.1 percent were from underrepresented groups, making this class that much more diverse. With over 100 undergraduate majors, UC Davis has even more room for growth of diversity.

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