Beyond UC: Where CA stands presently

In view of the results of the recent election period, there will be a
number of changes to the state and national government.  One major issue is that California will have to contend with the $25.4-billion deficit in the state budget (a number well over previous estimations).

There are a number of issues that make dealing with this problem difficult for the incoming administration: the fact that the $8 billion dollars that came from the temporary sales, car, and income taxes will soon be nonexistent; the fact that conservatives will be very reluctant to vote in favor of taxes and state spending; and the fact that voters approved constraints on “legislators’ ability to assess fees on business and to take funds from local governments” (which amounted to $800 million this year).  The situation is difficult, but a plus to California’s budget woes is that now, the Legislature (under Democratic control) only needs a majority to approve budgets as opposed to a two-thirds vote.  Hopefully, this means the budget process is more efficient.  Tax increases, however, still require a two-thirds vote.

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One response to “Beyond UC: Where CA stands presently

  1. $500,000 public employee salary at UC Berkeley!

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