UC 411: Increasing out-of-state students in UC

According to the UC regent’s plans, California will be welcoming
more out-of-state students in the next couple years in order to
bolster UC revenue. The UC regents will meet this November to
discuss increasing the overall enrollment of undergraduate
out-of-state students from 6% to as much as 10% in the next few
years. The regents hope that more non-Californians will add cultural
diversity and ultimately combat the budget cuts with the $23,000
each out-of-state student brings.

The campuses have supported this plan and are taking large steps in their
recruitment efforts this year by traveling across the world in search for
high-achieving non-Californians. Many of the UCs are participating in
high-school fairs throughout the country and are focusing on social media
aspects to reach students from afar.

While the UC approves of this plan, many current students worry that
this may reduce state funding and alumni support. Californian
families also worry that the out-of-state students will take the
desirable UC spots that would otherwise go to Californians, but the
UC officials insist that the campuses will not significantly reduce
the amount of in-state students admitted. The regents will weigh out
these options this week at their November meeting and will reach a decision by December.

Read more about it here, and tell us what you think: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-uc-recruit-20101115,0,4096476.story


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