Campus 101: UC Merced goes green

Students at UC Merced are trying to make a difference not only on their campus but in their community as well through initiating programs that are environmentally friendly.  With the start of a new group on campus called the UC Merced Energy Service Corps, about a group of 40 students are set on a mission to help their community become more energy-efficient through “weatherizing all windows and replacing all light bulbs with CFLs.” The group was also able to successfully reach out to 16 other college campuses around their community, with the goal to better educate the public about energy efficiency.  With a clear goal set, to weatherize 250 buildings and educated 2,000 K-12 students, the students are motivated to help their community go green.

With the start of a small group on campus, seems like a small effort goes a long way as these students are able to reach out to so many people and are able to physically make a difference in the society. The efforts of the students at UC Merced are admirable and set an example for other campuses to go green.


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