Liveblog: Regents November Meeting 2010

8:45 – Regents meeting just started!  Public Comment has just started.

School of Social Work at UC Berkeley – they are saying that their 4000 dollar fee increase on this one is placing a undue burden, doesn’t come with correct consultation with students, and has a lack of financial justification and planning.  The fee increase comes with a 680,000 dollar surplus in the school’s budget.

A number of unions are here talking about UCRP, UAW also settled their contract last night, but they’re here talking about unfair labor practices.

CSF chair – student leader – came up and talked caution about increaseing the student services fee just because there is a RTA portion now made to the fee.  He also says that if there is an increase – the revenue should come under strong student oversight under the Student Fee Advisory Council and Registration Fee Advisory Council.

Unions are talking against the UCRP age increase to 65, saying by that time they’ll be too old to work.

Students – one from UCSC talked about AB540 students and their struggles facing fee increases.  A similar intent is spoken by Jasmine Hill, who is AS President of UCLA, who talks about working 2 jobs with 19 units to get through school.

9:30AM – Gould and Yudof begin their personal presentations, public comment is over and unions and students have marched out of the public comment.  Gould argues that the state did not fund UC retirement and shortfunded the UC half of what they cut the institution.

Twitterfeed also says that two students have been arrested from UCBerkeley outside and one UCSC student was just arrested.  @dailycal tweets that students are peppersprayed outside.

Superintendent O’connell just walked into the room and took his seat at the Regents table.  Yudof just vigourously defended his financial aid plan and the fee increase, and also addressed some of the concerns of UCRP.  in partiuclar, he talked about choosing option C, collective bargaining processes. and the retirement age for workers.  He seemed to say that he understood that the retirement age for workers is necessarily different than the retirement age for law professors or academics, becuase of the work that that they do.

He just called Chancellors of Berkeley (birgennau) and Riverside (White) to the table and talk about their needs for campuses.  Currently Chancellor Birgenau is talking about his view on fee increases, which he supports, because he blieves his campus needs new revenues along with campus efficicies.  I think both chancellors are in front of the regents to argue in favor of the fee increase, Birgenau talks mostly about how to uphold quality through student fees, and White will talk about how financial aid will cover the low-income students at the UC.  They also talk about UCRP – and argue the employee contributions are necessary.

Faculty Advisor Simmons argues for fee increases, says it’s important to preserve the quality of faculty, faculty retention, and faculty compensation.  The academic senate thus supports the fee increase, and also has annouced its probable support of Yudof’s recnet UCRP plan.  he argues that Faculty defines the quality of the institution – and that steps need to be taken to preserve that quality and protect faculty.

Committee of Education Policy

10:30AM – Provost Pitts talk to the Ed Policy Committee on the issues of nonresident enrollments.  The UC Commission on the Future was suggesting that the nonresident enrollment be increased and then capped at 10%.   It is currently at 6.5%.  Regents had mixed reactions – a couple of the Regents remarked on the capacity issue of our campuses, and asked how nonresident enrollment increases were not going to knock out California residents.  Other regents questioned why there is a specific cap of 10%, when the current enrollment percentage is not a capped percentage.  Other Regents asked what are the results of these nonresident enrollments – do these nonresidents stay in the state after they leave?  While data shows that 2 out of 3 nonresidents decide to stay in California for graduate school, we do not know how much of these nonresidents stay and work in California.

Through the Twitterfeed – apparnetly 16 students have been arrested for crossing the policy barrier outside.  Also, apparently a good number of arrested students have been released a couple blocks away from the University.

11:20AM – Claudia Magana, UCSA President, just spoke.  She shared AB540 stories, spoke out against the fee increase, spoke for the implementation of restorative justice, and talked about the importance of not increasing the age requirement for UCRP for workers.

12PM – Finance Committee has gone through three items – The Financial Reports, the annual report on indirect costs, and the actuarial valuation of UC Retirement Plan.  The financial reports were to discuss what the financial results were for the Retirement Plan, the annual reports on indirect costs also discuss about how indirect costs could achieve financial gains (or rather, the gains that we should be getting, but we’re not getting from research grants), and our comparison to other research insituttions (they are geting 30-40% more of the indirect cost funding over us).  Acturial valuation discusses about what the actual funding of UCRP.  Current financial funding is around 86% and has been decreasing for a number of years.

_UCSA_11:55am via Web @UCRegentLive KRON 4 News reported 16 arrested during its 10 am broadcast.

The actual valuations show deep issues in both the UCRP and the Retiree Health Benefits.  The amount of unfunded liability within the UCRP – the amount that we potentially owe retirees compared to the amount of money we actually have – is huge and will need to be covered by employee and employer contributions.  Those contributions and the costs of UCRP will be addressed in this meeting and upcoming Regents meeting in new paths in the UCRP plan.

NBC news has video of the protest outside:

It looks like students were peppersprayed, or sprayed, with a hose object in front of the building.  There is also an opening to the parking garage to the front door, which students tried to rush, which resulted in a number of arrests.


One response to “Liveblog: Regents November Meeting 2010

  1. could you please ask the Regents to request speakers to state their names and titles before they present

    someone just was referred to as Peter then Patrick and then Nathan was interjected into the middle of it

    some of us listening know who those people are- and some listeners don’t

    for the sake of transparency…

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