Liveblog: Regents Nov. Meeting Day 2

840AM – public comment has started – first with assemblymember Paul Fong, who sits on the committee on higher education.  He speaks on behalf of Speaker Perez, and stands against the name change from “education fee” to “tuition”, and against the fee increases.  He also argues that the UC has gained 657m in revenue from student fee increases, and that revenue that has been taken from the students need to be considered – students have already given a lot.

It should be noted that Speaker Perez did not come, and so will not be able to vote against the fee increase.

850AM – Students have started speaking in public comment – speaking out against nonresident enrollment increaes, speaks against fee increases, speaks against professional degree fees.  Unions speak out against the UCRP plans – but also commend president yudof on taking option a and b off the table.

906AM – Patrick Lenz (VP Budget) talks about hte budget proposal – he mentions that the UC got the largest single increase last year, out of all state funded units.

Patrick Lenz argues on top of last year’s approx 250m campus cuts, we’re also looking at 451.2m shortfall in our budget that we’re going to gain in 2011-12.  This is UCOP’s explanation of needing a fee increase.  210m in cost mandatory increases, 75m loss because we’re not debt servicing, and we’re not going to have the 106m one-time funds allocated from Sacramento that was given through the Federal ARRA funds.

Patrick Lenz also argues that UC unfunded enrollment gap was something like 115m – for number of students who are in the UC that are not paid for by the state.  The real cost driver here that they’re targeting is UCRP – they say that student fees are necessary becuase they want UCRP contributions from the employer.

Patrick Lenz argues impact of no fee increase would lose money for UCOP – which is 40 million of California Grant money.  The money, arguably, would not be necessary if the fee increase did not exist.  He also argues that cost of living would increase for student approx. 500 dollars, and the financial aid (if students recieve financial aid) would offset that by140.  Again, all these arguments don’t consider students who don’t recieve financial aid (undocumented students or 120k+ students).

Quick thought – a 120K family could look like two parents, two kids, with each parent making 60K.

10AM Regents are making comments around the table about the fee increases.  It seems more or less unamious (except for student regents) that they are going to vote for the fee increase.  They also seem to confront the questions about these fee increases being forever coming – they’re talking about long-term fee structure and predictability.

BREAKING – Regents Lt. Gov. Maldando and Zettel just annouced that they are going to be voting no on the fee increase.

11AM the Committee on Finance voted on the Fee increase for tuition.  Two Regents on the committee – myself and defreece, opposed.  The rest said yes.  They then voted on PDF on the committee – I opposed.  The rest said yes.  There were large questions from the academic senate, from students around the consultation process of passing PDFs, and it was one of the main concerns surrounding PDFs, and resulted in my opposition.

The other regents, maldando and Zettel, don’t sit on the Committee on Finance or don’t have votes on the committee, and will have a chance to vote no during the Board of the Whole.

1120AM the Regents are now talking about how to finance the UCRP.  Staff and Faculty have spoken positively about the plan that VP Taylor and President Yudof has put forth, it is a plan that was pushed strongly by staff and academic senate.


2 responses to “Liveblog: Regents Nov. Meeting Day 2

  1. Keep em coming Mr. Cheng, thanks!

  2. does Provost Pitts ever really get back to you when he says
    he does not have the info at his fingertips
    he does not know the numbers
    he does not have that
    he has given that response to you on almost every question you asked him yesterday and today.
    do you ever get the answer or the information requested ? or a response that they don’t have it?

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