UC 411: CA Supreme Court holds up AB 540 for undocumented students

After a lengthy court battle last week, California Supreme Court has decided to uphold the assembly bill 540, a bill that allows undocumented students to pay in-state student fees as long as they attended threes years at a California high school and received a GED or high school diploma. Many undocumented students cannot afford the high costly fees that out-of-state students pay, and this bill will definitely help students avoid the overbearing costs.

While many support this bill, some have financial concerns. People who oppose AB 540 believe that the UC does not have enough funds to provide for undocumented students, considering the recent budget crisis. Many also worry that the UCs end up loosing money from the students had they been required to pay out-of-state fees.

But Laura Abrams, a UCLA associate professor of social welfare, believes that by denying these students this bill, many will miss out on an education altogether, and California would be ignoring a large demographic and their futures. Although it maybe a controversial bill, it is one that helps hundreds of students

Read more about AB 540 here:



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