UC 411: University of California awards $6.4 million grants to fight HIV/AIDs

The University of California announced on November 29th that it will be awarding grants to five healthcare organizations in the state of California for HIV/AIDs research. The award granted amounts to $6.4 million and will be used to study a new model of healthcare related to HIV/AIDs. The model of health care delivery is intended to improve the quality of care of Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH), a community-based system of care and support services. This new model is intended to not only focus upon the virus and helping reduce the costs involved for treatment but also to promote awareness and prevention.

This is a major step towards creating awareness and prevention towards the disease as this will be the first “research project in the United States focused on people with HIV/AIDS.”  According to George Lemp, Dr. P.H, director of the UC-based CHRP,  “this research can provide tremendous value to HIV care providers, policymakers, and health care system planners in California and throughout the U.S.”.  The UC is hopeful that facilitating such a project will bring about important findings to better prevent and fight HIV.

Read the full story: http://www.independent.com/news/2010/nov/30/uc-awards-64-million-patient-centered-home-researc/


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