Campus 101: UCB and UCR Updates

UC Berkeley awarded a grant to help fight against cancer disparities

UC Berkeley is awarded a five year grant by The National Cancer institute to establish a center specifically to fight towards cancer disparities. The establishment of the center is aimed towards targeting communities of color as these communities have been noted to suffer from cancer on disproportionally higher rates. The established centers will work towards reducing these cancer disparities. UC Berkeley is taking an important step towards working with its community groups in the Bay Area and with this initiative, the aim is to soon establish up to 23 centers around the nation.

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UC Riverside receives a gift for its Medical School

The County of Riverside awarded the UC Riverside School of Medicine a gift of $100,000. Most medical schools are funded by the government but the County of Riverside’s gift displays its financial commitment to assist with the establishment of the new medical school in UCR. With the budget crisis, the Medical School underwent challenges that are now made easier due to this new amount granted and better facilitates UCR’s effort to continue with such an important project.

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