Beyond UC: Brown on budget and education; DREAM Act defeated temporarily

Brown plans to release budget January 10
Governor-elect Jerry Brown’s meetings with regard to the budgets have been largely private.  In his recent meeting to discuss the state of education, he did state that he could not promise there would not be any more cuts “because there will be.”  The situation is dire, and the problem previously underestimated.

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Recent defeat inspires supporters of DREAM Act to fight harder
The DREAM Act is proposed legislation regarding undocumented youths to certain social rights (especially the right to education).  In the Senate, the bill was five votes short of approval.  Though tidings are less than joyful for supporters of the DREAM Act, supporters are determined to continue pushing the legislation forward.

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Brown attends to K-12 education
As the state suffers, California’s students pay the price—especially those in public K-12 institutions that rely on the state for money.  Currently, California’s per-pupil spending is lower than almost all other states.  California students face teacher layoffs, the unavailability of summer school classes, overcrowded classes, and a shorter school year.  The dropout rate was at 22% for the 2008-2009 school year.  Hopefuls look to governor-elect Jerry Brown’s experience with charter schools to help rectify the problems with the state’s education infrastructure.  Brown has expressed skepticism in standardization, questioning the value of treating children like “operating machines.”  Brown has also stated that though money would benefit California schools, he can only work with what taxpayers are willing to pay.

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