UC 411:Government’s involvement in UC budget, UC’s future plans

Legislators want a say in UC Budget

With the recent hikes in tuition, California legislators want to be more involved in the budget decisions for the UCs. The legislators believe that the fee increases have infringed on the right to affordable high-quality education and want to propose a limit on student fees, a freeze on executive compensation, increase budget transparency, and other proposals that would favor student’s education and wallets. Although the lawmakers have attempted to execute their plans, Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed several of their proposals, but with Jerry Brown entering office, lawmakers hope for a new ally. On the other hand, some fear that new powers given to the legislators would mean too much power.

What do you think? Read more here: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/dec/16/local/la-me-legislature-universities-20101216

Recommendations for UC Future

California’s financial crisis has caused a bumpy future for the UCs. The Board of Regents has released their final draft of recommendations for the University of California’s future. With the focus on upholding the Master Plan, the UC Commission on the Future has come up with 20 proposals that will intend to save money while still maintaining high quality education. The most pressing issues the commission recommend altering are teaching and curriculum, undergraduate enrollment, graduate education, fiscal discipline and administrative reform, and advocacy. Of course, fiscal discipline caused the most debate; the Regents disagreed on the best way to solve the financial problems. The Regents will have more brainstorming and debates to come in order to solve the large debt the UC has obtained. Yet, students will be pleased knowing that alternative ways, besides fee increases, are being discussed.

Read about it here : http://www.highlandernews.org/news/commission-releases-final-recommendations-1.1834030


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