Campus 101: Several UCs make annual list of top 100 public colleges, UCSD awarded grant for research in HIV

Several UC’s ranked ‘best value’ public college in California

Several of the UC’s made Personal Finance magazine’s annual list of the top 100 public colleges. Amongst the top was UC San Diego, ranked 12th. Following UCSD is UCLA with rank 13th, UC Berkeley with rank 16th and UC Irvine ranked 17th. The Kiplinger ranks colleges according to their academic quality, student-to-faculty ratio, admission rate and the four-year graduation rate.

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UCSD receives grant for study in HIV

UC San Diego, along with two Florida universities, received a $4.7 million grant to study the connection between marijuana use and HIV infections in adolescents. This five year study would be crucial in helping identify how “substance abuse changes the immune function and progression of HIV in the brain”. The study has the potential of possibly creating better ways of diagnosing people with HIV as well as creating new therapies for HIV.

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