Campus 101: UC’s Respond to Proposed Budget Cut of $500 million

UC Riverside reports on the proposed California budget.
The proposed budget outlines a $500 million cut to education.  The state will now be contributing $7,210 to an individual student’s education as opposed to the previous $7, 930.  At UCR, there was a student demonstration  that involved students attaching messages to balloons and releasing them in lecture halls.   Some of the messages referenced the period in UC history during which there was no tuition.

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UCLA Chancellor Block on the Budget Cuts
Chancellor Block of UCLA issues a message to the students regarding the proposed cut of $500 million to the education budget.  The Chancellor asserts that the Restructuring Steering Committee at UCLA will be working, as they have been since last year, on developing strategies for decreasing UCLA’s dependence on state support.  Chancellor Block also states that lawmakers must understand the impact of further cuts to the UC.

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UC President Yudof’s Responds to Budget Cuts
UC President Yudof responds to the proposed $500 million cut to education by issuing a letter to the UC system and to California.  President Yudof will be issuing the UC system’s chancellors specific budget reduction targets in order to take into account the budget cuts that the UC will be taking.  He states that he would prefer not to raise student fees.

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