Beyond UC: SacBee Endorses Jerry Brown Higher Ed Cuts

An interesting analysis from Sacramento Bee as they endorse Brown’s dramatic 500m cut to UC, another 500m cut to CSU, and the 400m cut to CCC systems.

They note that Jerry Brown has pushed that UCs shoudl not turn to reducing enrollment or lower fees, but to “lower the costs of instruction and education”.  Staff and students on the campus note that they’re not sure how to continue to lower costs of instruction without starting to cut into the core of the educational and student mission of the university.

But Brown has stated he wants to work with UC Regents, President Yudof, AND stakeholders – such as representatives students, faculty, and staff to develop solutions.  We’ll hold judgment on this until we know if Governor Brown has actually reached out to UC Student Association and the Student Body Presidents.

Governor Brown is commended by Sacramento Bee for placing a heavy hand and an active involvement in higher education to protect student’s wallets and education.  That success depends on his actual ability to reach out to recognizable student leaders, listen, and bring serious solutions to the table.


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