Liveblog: Jan Regents Meeting Day 1

3PM – The UC Regents meeting Grounds and Buildings Committee has begun – we’re starting with sustainability annual report!  In attendance is the Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Regent makarechian, Zettel, Defreece, Hime, Ruiz, Shilling, student regents, alumni regent-designate hallett, and the faculty representatives.

Twitter Note: RT @DefendUCI: RT @LaurelRosenhall: Lt. Gov @GavinNewsom launches new site for Californians to share views on higher ed:

3:30PM – Sustainability report charts a continual progress being made on UC sustainability.  Unfortunately – the numbers given by the campuses are not growth-adjusted numbers.

4:00PM – UC Berkeley students come to the Regents to speak in favor of the lower Sproul Renovation, which students contributed financially through passing the BEARS initiative, a student fee referendum on Berkeley’s campus.  Miguel, GSA President, for Berkeley describes it as a partneship between UCB students and administration.  the argument is that lower sproul is an icnredibly old and outdated series of buildings, and that this renovation would help improve the student quality of life and the sesmic structure of the building.

4:30PM – The Regents have approved the prelim planning funding of the Lower Sproul Renovation, even though there were some questions about where the campus funding, and the extent of student fee funding was coming from!  It’s an incredibly extensive project, dealing with 2-3 buildings and nearly 300m dollars, with almost 2/3rds coming from student fees.


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