Beyond UC:

Public colleges seek private donations

Due to the recent budge cuts for higher education, public colleges and universities are seeking ways to increase the amount of donations received by the alumni more than ever before. Many campuses are in dire need of donations as many academic programs and instructors are being cut. Although students have started campaigns to raise money, public universities lack as strong of an alumni network as many private universities and thus have more of a challenge reaching out to the alumni.

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Student pays tuition in one dollar bills

With the rising tuition hikes, one student from the University of Colorado pays his tuition bill with all one-dollar bills. Nicolaus Ramos decided to pay his tuition in dollar bills rather than a check in order to make a point about the high cost of tuition, with the bills weighing nearly 30 pounds. “Just the sheer volume, just looking at this really sends a message,” Ramos said in a youtube video. “Money does talk.”

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